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{ sweet violin }

stuff for violin lovers...

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All about violin: methods, icons, books, music, requests, sheet music, help and so much more!
Sweet Violin
Welcome to Sweet Violin, a community for all violin lovers. You can share violin stuff, wathever you want: books, music, icons, graphics, sheet music, programs, learning methods, fingering charts, videos, download links, etc!


1. Respect the other members =)
2. If you'll share any book, video, CD or something copyrighted, please f-lock your post. All download links must be f-locked.
3. Feel free to post icons, graphics and nice stuff related with music and violin.
4. If you are a violinist, please, feel free to share your own videos or records here =). You can share with the members some violinist tips and helps ^^
5. Get fun and enjoy this comm!

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Contact the admin

anarel: Send me a PM if you want to contact me ^^

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